Performing Traditional Chinese Dance Sequences

Vancouver Beauty Dance World was founded in 2008 and has a professional dance group, the “Vancouver Youth Dance Company” led by artistic director, Tracy Yue, along with a number of talented choreographers. The school, with students from small children to adults from all over the Greater Vancouver area, performs in a number of events all year long, including arts festivals and symposiums. The company has established a good reputation largely due to its professional instructional system along with its unique style and a variety of genres of dance, such as Chinese classical, K-pop, Jazz, ethnic, and contemporary dance.

In addition to providing a well established instructional and examination program, the school is actively involved in the community and charitable events. In 2013, on the occasion of its 5th anniversary, the school partnered with the Bethune Baiqiuen Canadian Alliance to help raise funds for improving the medical facilities in the rural areas of China. In 2016, the school successfully organized the first Vancouver World Dance Competition, which was attended by dancers from multiple different countries.

As one of the missions of Vancouver Beauty Dance World, the students learn and recognize the significance of Chinese dance and its contribution to the Chinese culture. This will enable them to add vibrancy to a society, which always prides itself on its multi-cultural diversity. Over the years, the school has worked closely with the students to realize their dreams – winning titles in a number of beauty pageants and awards in varied dance competitions.