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Dr. Vera Kohut, MD, CCFP, FCFP, is an energetic doctor who, with great dedication, practices her vision of patient care: listen, care, treat and advocate. She is a highly experienced family physician having practiced for 30 years in both reputed hospitals and primary care clinics.
Vera’s comprehensive knowledge and skills in the fields of preventative medicine, patient education, obstetrics, pediatrics, acute and chronic illness management and elder care, make her uniquely qualified to serve as HealthCare 365’s Medical Director and Consultant Director at CARP Health 360. She is convinced: technology that enables relationships is the future. In her presentation, Dr. Vera Kohut will speak about the fact that your health has already moved online: Patient records in hospitals and other care settings are likely online, many physicians’ practices use cloud-based software, etc. You have the right to access and maintain your own records, and be informed about your own health management. But HOW can you access your health records and keep track of all your health related information?
About CARP Health 360
CARPs latest benefit, CARP Health 360, is a personalized online support tool that’s designed to simplify health care needs. It empowers CARP members to finally manage and coordinate their own health care needs and be prepared for emergencies. CARP members have free access.CARP Health 360 allows you to:
– Retrieve your records. Store and manage ALL your medical information in one place

– Securely access and share your health information with your family and care team. Accessible at any time from anywhere. Complete portability makes it great for travelers and snowbirds.

– Keep track of prescriptions, doctor and specialist appointments and more.
– Be prepared: Activate the Emergency Access Feature at CARP Health 360 so First Responders can quickly treat you in case of emergency.
– CARP members have access to additional health-care services at member-only rates, such as Nurse and Doctor-on- call, Care Coordination Program, Travel
– Support and Translation services


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