DAVID BOWIE TRIBUTE feat: “A Night of Bowie”

David Bowie is one of music history’s most praised and successful artists, with a career that spanned four decades. Bowie continuously sought to re-invent himself, while selling an estimated 140 million albums worldwide. His genre-defying journey through a vast array of musical styles, from rock to funk, dance to ballad, always kept fans guessing with what he would do next.


Syl Thompson embodies Bowie’s musical style and persona. In fact, he has been acclaimed as providing the most credible and realistic Bowie experience in North America. A Night Of Bowie is a celebration of Bowie’s extensive list of memorable hits, focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on his peak years from the early ’70s to the early ’90s. The performance you will witness at the Zoomershow is eerily close to hearing and seeing the real Bowie during his peak performing years.