After playing hundreds of sold out live shows, ABBA tribute band “ARRIVAL” creates a sound and stage show that has been fine-tuned to such a degree, that they have actually been mistaken for the real ABBA!
Arrival is an authentic sounding tribute to the original icons of pop music also performing with costume styles similar to the original band members. You will be amazed at how close Arrival looks and sounds like the real ABBA. They have performed to audiences in various cities throughout North America and their nostalgic sound will take you back to that famous pop-disco era.
Come and be part of the audience singing along with all of ABBA’s famous hits during Arrival’s high-energy live stage show. Every song on Arrival’s roster was a number one ABBA hit and they deliver with such incredible accuracy, you feel that you are back in time witnessing the original members of ABBA in concert.