Yogadog Asana Training and Agility

Becoming One With Your Dog: Yogadog Asana Training and Agility

Shannon Coppin, founder of Yogadog, began working with dogs and dog training as a hobby in 2002.  She volunteered as a dog walker at shelters and also raised money for local rescues.  Shannon became seriously interested in dog training with the rehabilitation of her two rescue dogs, Holly and Miko, but this interest quickly became a passion. In 2009 she began “Don’t Give up Dog Training,” a free resource site for people with adopted rescue dogs. In March of 2011, she graduated with honours from the International Career School of Canada, as a certified professional dog trainer. That same year, she founded Yogadog Dog Training, based in North Burnaby, BC.

Yogadog Dog Training combines a variety of training methods, traditional and new age, to find systems that work for all kinds of dogs and people. The programs Shannon offers are loosely  based on the practices of Yoga. All the courses are aimed at improving the bond between the dog owner and his or her pet, including establishing better communication. The idea behind Yogadog is to provide people with a foundation in basic obedience, and also to teach them to keep active with their dogs and to give them the best life possible. It is Shannon’s goal to keep dogs out of shelters by making dog training affordable, achievable and fun!

Yoga means “oneness,” and Shannon’s philosophy is that having a connection with dogs is based on much more than obedience; it begins with basic training and engagement. Beginner obedience and agility are two of her most popular classes. They run six weeks and are a good foundation for other classes, or stand alone as a great way to better connect and communicate with your dog. Other popular classes are Puppy Prana, Canine Cardio Bootcamp and Canine Kundalini, for growly dogs!

Currently, Shannon is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers. In addition to this, she completed an intensive obedience program in April of 2011 at the world acclaimed Michael Ellis School in California. Shannon continues to stay current with training methods by attending seminars on dog psychology, marker/clicker training methods and dog aggression. Through her website, Shannon shares her knowledge, provides up-to-date information and links to dog lovers. She believes we owe it to our dogs to give them more than just shelter; we owe them friendship and love!