The Alinker

Speaking on the Main Stage:

Barbara Alink, a Dutch-born, Vancouver-based inventor, created the Alinker. The Alinker is not just a mobility aid for people with disabilities; it is a walking assist for everyone who wants to stay active, regardless.

The Alinker promotes good posture, safety and stability, takes the pressure off your legs, and your arms are free so you can hug a beloved, enjoy a cup of coffee or make a phone call.

It comes in three frame sizes, weighs 26 lbs. (12Kg), folds up and fits in a small car trunk and includes: two quick release front wheels, a high-quality aluminum frame, an alloy rear wheel with brake, an adjustable steering bar and a walk-on seat that enables ride walking at eye level. Barbara will be giving a brief talk about the Alinker on the Mainstage and she will also have some on hand for anyone in the audience to try out.