Rod Stewart Tribute ft. Rod & The Mods

Performing on the Main Stage:

This is possibly the most exciting and accurate Rod Stewart show next to seeing the real Rod Stewart himself. From the stylish suits, the signature stage moves and a voice that’s so close you’ll swear it’s Rod, Brent Stewart sets a new high standard, performing a truly authentic Rod Stewart tribute.

Brent’s voice is so amazingly similar to Rod’s that he has actually been hired on occasion to sing on recording sessions for songwriters that have been attempting to get their songs placed with Rod, and perhaps become the next guest on another one of his successful “Duets” albums.

Rod Stewart’s career has spanned so many eras, it’s almost impossible to count the number of hits Rod has actually had. His classics start with the rockers of the “Faces” era through to Rod’s powerful ballads and Disco phase, right up to and including the most recent material that makes up the “Great American Songbook”.

Come and see this amazing tribute at the Zoomershow and witness what it would be like to see Rod Stewart at his best.