Medical Cannabis: Getting Relief Without Getting High

Dr. Cory Toth is a Burnaby-based Neurologist specializing in treating patients with diseases of the peripheral nervous system, and focusing primarily on supporting those suffering from chronic and neuropathic pain.

People in extreme pain understand that it is more than just a physical condition; it affects relationships, sleep and emotions. Many people in pain report that current therapeutic options available are either ineffective, or produce unwanted side effects.

Pain is the most common reason why patients explore the use of medical cannabis.

Dr. Toth is an engaging and energetic speaker, and a multiple time recipient of teaching awards both locally and provincially. Dr. Toth works in Fraser Health at Burnaby Hospital in Neurology and Chronic Pain, and works at both the Burnaby Hospital and his Metrotown office.

On top of his clinical duties, Dr. Toth is a dog enthusiast and a disc golfer, and dabbles in virtual reality to get away from actual reality. Dr. Toth is looking forward to discussing medical cannabis and its current use in medical conditions on the Health and Vitality Stage of the Vancouver ZoomerShow.

At the ZoomerShow, Dr. Toth’s presentation is being sponsored by CanniMed Ltd, one of Canada’s leading licensed producers of medical cannabis and a CARP Recommended Partner.