Frank Sinatra Tribute ft. Ron Boudreau

Performing just outside the Main Entrance

Music has been an integral part of Ron Boudreau’s Life for over four decades. He first began performing at the age of three, mostly before an audience of family and friends.

Ron’s introduction to the stage took place in his teenage years, at a time when his greatest influences were Elvis and the 50’s rock era. During this time of his life, he continued to develop and flourish as a musician and entertainer. Ron fine-tuned his craft over the years performing in several bands and eventually taking to the stage as a solo performer.

Ron’s tribute to The Crooners takes us down memory lane to an era reminiscent of style and class when suave gents and sophisticated ladies listened to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin and other Musical Icons. Ron’s performance shares this experience through an enchanting mix of Old Blue Eyes himself and the King of Cool, with a charming splash of crooning songs from the past, to the present day flair of Michael Buble.

Ron will be performing for those most enthusiastic of Zoomershow attendees who are waiting in the lineup just prior to our doors opening on Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12th.