Cruise And Travel Tips With Dave Frinton

For the last 38 years, Dave Frinton has been an entrepreneur, producing 700 special events before going into the travel business full time.

At BCIT in the 80’s, Dave taught evening classes in special event marketing, advertising and sales promotions.  In 1991, he and his wife Shelley embarked on their first full cruise ship charter, featuring Doug and the Slugs, and this led to 12 more charters.  After finding the investment a bit too risky, he and Shelley founded CruisePlus, which has become one of Canada’s largest independent, non-commissioned travel agencies located on Vancouver Island.

Dave is currently writing a book about having fun in life and business, which includes what he has learned from his successes and failures, and his take on how to enjoy our crazy world without getting too caught up in the stress.

Dave has been very lucky, as he has traveled to all seven continents, including nearly 70 cruises and 70 countries.  He regularly hosts trips, including eight safaris to East Africa.  From skiing in the Alps, seeing polar bears in Churchill, penguins in Antarctica, scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef, having hundreds of very special animal encounters in Africa, being eye to eye with gorillas in Uganda, and many trips to Hawaii and places closer to home, all add up to a very wonderful life, and Dave loves to talk about what he has learned along the way.

Join Dave for his presentation on the highlights of his travels and some tips on how to make your trips even more memorable.

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