The Beatles Tribute ft. The Day Trippers

Performing on the Main Stage:

The Day Trippers are a Vancouver based Beatles Tribute band that will transport you back to those memorable touring days, of the early 1960’s. This band embodies the exuberance of that early 60’s spirit which the Beatles brought to the stage, like none other before them. Inspired by the Mod culture and a love of blues and pop music, “The Day Trippers” deliver the incredible music of the Beatles at their energetic peak with a show not to be missed.

The Day Trippers are–Marty Zylstra playing the part of “John”. Marty learned to sing listening to old time rock and roll as a kid and eventually took up the guitar, influenced by his musical hero, John Lennon.

David Hopia plays the part of “Paul”. He has been an active musician in the Vancouver area for years playing piano, guitar and bass (left handed by the way!) and has developed a fantastic McCartney tribute.

The “George” in the band is played by Mike Coutts who has always had a passion for music, sparked by listening to his parents Beatles albums as a kid. That incredible music inspired Mike to pick up the guitar at 19 and being the youngest in the band, he felt a kindred spirit with George Harrison. Finally, Mike Herle is the “Ringo” of The Day Trippers. Mike grew up in Saskatchewan where he played in Jazz, Wedding, Dance bands and also the Regina Symphony. He plunged headfirst into the Beatles music as a teenager, playing along to his sister’s Beatles albums. The Beatles remain his first love with Ringo’s amazing mastery of styles keeping Mike forever intrigued and our Zoomershow audience entertained as well.