Speaker: Rebecca Field Jager – Planning My Celebration Of Life With Dignity Memorial

Planning My Celebration Of Life With Dignity Memorial


She’s an author, journalist, blogger and ad writer, but most people who have worked with Rebecca Field Jager know her as an idea machine. Her new blog, Girls’ Flight Out, combines video with 900 words and appears monthly on HuffingtonPost.ca, and she’s a regular contributor to Zoomer, National Post as well as many of Canada’s leading publications. Although always up for an assignment, most of Rebecca’s stories stem from her own ideas and extend across a range of beats from human interest, trends and travel to food, décor and entertainment. Her background in the performing arts enables her to combine writing, interviewing and producing skills with public speaking and on-camera experience. The result? She can tell a tale in many forms – live, print and video. Rebecca has been a guest on such shows as Canada AM, Breakfast Television and theZoomer. 




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