Flamenco & Swing Dance Teaser

Bellydance, Flamenco And Anjelica’s Dance Workout

Anjelica Scannura is a highly accomplished dancer, choreographer, adjudicator and actress. She has performed and taught all over the world, including the USA, Europe, Caribbean and Middle East. She recognized that in addition to her passion for performance, she had a propensity for making people laugh in her classes. She’s always enjoyed story-telling, which led her to doing stand-up comedy. Her unique subject matter coupled with her sassy and fun-loving attitude can be seen on various shows throughout the Toronto stand-up scene.

Anjelica is also the face of ZoomerMedia’s health and fitness channel, ONE Get Fit TV, where she has her own critically acclaimed dance-fitness show “Anjelica’s Dance Workout.” Order One TV, and change the channel to the channel that changes you! (Rogers 265, Bell 1606, or check your local listings). Watch out for Anjelica in the upcoming feature film “Little Italy,” starring Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts.

There oughta be a law about Anjelica Scannura. She can frighten the life out of the sedentary.
– John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

West Coast Swing

Shelley Saxena began her dance journey at age 11, with Jazz as her main focus and training. Soon after studying dance at the University of Calgary, she discovered West Coast Swing and never looked back. Her passion for the dance led her to start competing and then teaching in 2011. She teaches group classes at Rhythm and Motion studio in the Junction, and the Dovercourt House. Private lessons and wedding choreography also make up a large part of her profession. To keep her dancing in top form, Shelley also competes on the West Coast Swing circuit across North America and has recently reached All Star status.

Performing together on the Main Stage

Sunday at 12:00pm