Toronto Zoomer Show

What It Means To Be An Empowered Patient

Dr. Vera Kohut, Consultant Medical Director, CARP Health360
Jana Ray, Chief Benefits & Membership Officer, CARP

Vera Kohut HBSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Medical Director at HealthCare 365 and Consultant Director at CARP Health 360

Dr. Vera Kohut discusses what it means to be an empowered patient, and how modern day technologies can help you gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting your health.
Vera Kohut is an energetic doctor who, with great dedication, practices her vision of patient care: listen, care, treat and advocate. She is a highly experienced family physician having practiced for 30 years in both reputed hospitals and primary care clinics. She has extensive knowledge in preventative medicine, patient education, acute and chronic illness management, and women’s health. She serves as the Consultant Medical Director for CARP Health360 and wants all CARP members to take control and finally manage and coordinate their own health care needs in the way that they want.

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