Toronto Zoomer Show

Toronto Fire Pipes and Drums

Performing at the Front Entrance and finishing on the Main-Stage

The tradition of the bagpipes within the fire service goes back over one hundred and fifty years. When the Irish and Scottish immigrated to Canada & the U.S. many served in the fire service and brought their traditions with them. One of these traditions was the great highland bagpipe. The bagpipes would often be played at firefighter funerals and celebrations.

The Toronto Fire Services Pipes and Drums Band were created in 1998, shortly after amalgamation. The first official Toronto Fire Services Pipe Band consisted of only 12 members. Although in its infancy, Toronto Fire Services Pipes and Drums quickly developed a reputation as a solid pipe band with a quality sound.

As every good pipe band should have one, Toronto Fire Services Pipes and Drums designed an official tartan. This tartan took on the colors that represent the various aspects of the Toronto Fire Services. In
1999 the “Toronto Fire Services Tartan” was officially registered with the Scottish Tartan Authority.

Currently under the direction of Pipe Major Donna Bakewell there are over 30 band members. Each member volunteers 100% of his or her time and it is estimated that each member dedicates approximately
200 hours each year.

TFS Pipes & Drums is proud of its history, service record and many accomplishments and takes pleasure in its positive reputation within the firefighting and piping community worldwide, as a top caliber pipe band.