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Erin O’Shaughnessy: Cannabis And Older Adults

The New Grey Market – Cannabis And Older Adults

Erin O’Shaughnessy, MScN, NP-PHC, is a nurse practitioner with 35 years experience in various areas of healthcare. She studied nursing at the University of Manitoba and later completed a master’s degree from York University. In 2014, she completed her nurse practitioner (NP) diploma at the University of Ottawa and left the hospital setting to work as a primary care NP.
Erin has always been interested in non-traditional approaches to health and wellness. She began authorizing medical cannabis shortly after it became legal for Ontario NPs to do so (March 2017) and now works full time in the medical cannabis sector, where she follows several hundred patients for various health conditions. She often acts as a consultant and educator for other healthcare professionals wishing to learn more about how medical cannabis can help their patients, as well as offering educational sessions at conferences.
Erin lives near Kinburn with her partner and their three dogs. They have four adult children and two grandsons.
Today’s older adults are all about aging well. They are very interested in options to traditional medications to help manage symptoms like pain, mood, and poor sleep. Thanks to products like CBD oil, medical cannabis is becoming a popular choice. We will talk briefly about medical cannabis and how it might benefit you. We will also review how you may request an assessment for medical cannabis.