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CARP Health 360: Lynn Kozak ‘What’s next for CARP & Zoomer’

VP Audience Development, ZoomerMedia

With brands like Apple and Amazon delivering unique messages and offers to each of their customers, other brands are being forced to change how they communicate with their audience…or run the risk of becoming irrelevant. CARP and Zoomer Magazine’s 45+ audiences grew up with traditional marketing. But NEW members and subscribers are coming on board every day. So how do CARP and Zoomer build for their future audiences without alienating hundreds of thousands of loyal members and subscribers who may not be ready to change how they interact with our brands?
What Lynn brings to ZoomerMedia is a balanced approach to honouring traditional marketing methods, while introducing new ways to engage and add value to our online – and tech savvy – audiences. Lynn’s approach to this current-day business challenge is known as “Audience Development” where the audience’s unique wants, needs, and input becomes the driving force behind everything her team does.

What’s Next for CARP & Zoomer?